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AdBud launches Meta ads!

“After a time of developing, we are thrilled to unveil the integration of Meta ads, marking a significant milestone in our platform’s evolution. We’ve just gone through the last part of the testing period in order to make the best user experience for our partners and clients. With this update, advertisers can now seamlessly automate campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to maximize reach and engagement” says Magnus Hasselteg, CEO at AdBud. 

Combining Meta ads with existing Google and Bing functionalities, AdBud now enables partners to manage comprehensive digital marketing campaigns effortlessly. With its 10.000+ clients worldwide, AdBud is a Swedish based ad-tech company that continues to empower businesses with powerful tools for online advertising success.



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Africa’s largest telecom provider, MTN Group, chooses AdBuds’ AI-platform!

AdBuds’ partner in South Africa, Adbot, has entered into a partnership with MTN, which has approximately 270 million customers across 18 markets. The collaboration with Adbot aims to create the next era of online advertising for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Nigeria.

This partnership is expected to redefine how SMEs reach their target audiences online. Lynda Saint-Nwafor, Chief Enterprise Business Officer for MTN Nigeria, believes that the partnership will open new opportunities for Nigerian SMEs to use search engines and digital platforms.

By utilizing AdBuds’ software as a foundation, Adbot has enabled a fast and easy onboarding of ads on platforms such as Google and Bing. The collaboration strengthens MTN Ads services and offers a range of benefits for SMEs in Nigeria.

“- We are very pleased with our partner in South Africa and look forward to how we can develop the digital marketing market in Nigeria through our AI platform” says Marcus Jildecrona, Partnership Manager at AdBud, in a statement.”

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AdBud launches Microsoft Ads!

Google dominates the market with 86% of the search engine market share. Microsoft comes in second place and with the launch of ChatGPT it’s expected that Microsoft’s market share will increase. Microsoft announced the rebranding of Bing ads by changing the name to Microsoft Advertising in 2019. Microsoft’s advertising system uses AI-powered audience targeting with a focus on customer intent. With Microsoft advertising it is easier to get traffic at a low cost resulting in a better ROI. ✨

💥 AdBud is now launching Microsoft Ads fully automated 💥
And you don’t even have to choose, if you don’t want to. When you set up a client in our software, it will automatically set up a Google and a Microsoft account so that You effortlessly can manage Your ads and optimize between the platforms! Just lean back and let the AI do the work for the best results.

Get in touch and let us show You how to save a lot of time and money!


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AdBud to sponsor Swedish rock festival

AdBud proudly choose to sponsor “Rockgala” which is a local rock festival in Uppsala, Sweden. The team at AdBud donates funds and technology for successful Facebook advertisement for Rockgala.

Rockgala is a charity rock festival. The entrance fee will unabbreviated go to the Swedish Children’s Cancer Fund.