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The advertising market is changing and a lot of SMBs can’t keep up

The vast majority of local service providers, such as plumbers, dentists, hairdressers, and carpenters, have been relying on directory services like the Yellowpages for the past 30-40 years. A major challenge for small businesses today is that they no longer is to be found by their customers.

With searching behaviour switching over to search engines like Google, many companies have lost their competitive edge. Advertising on search engines is often complex and companies rarely have the technical know-how to meet their advertising needs. Besides this, budgets are often stretched too thin to hire external help. This combination of factors is creating a large gap in the global market where technology and search behaviour have outpaced its users.

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Fully automatic service for everyone

Our service is one that can be handled, and actually understood by anyone. The advertiser doesn’t even need to create a Google account. The only thing necessary is to indicate what you offer and in which geographical area you operate. Based on that information our system will create all accounts needed and start advertising on the clients’ behalf.

The system is built on machine learning and each client sets a maximum daily budget. When the daily budget limit is reached the advertising automatically stops for the day. The client can at any time change the budget or pause the advertising.

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AdBuds mission is to make advertising easy and 100% transparent

Fifteen years ago most of us asked our travel agents to book our flight tickets. Today we are all our own travel agents online. We are now doing the same thing with digital marketing for SMBs and the aim is to completely remove the need for hiring an agency on a global scale.

AdBud’s mission is to make advertising for SMBs easy and 100% transparent for the advertiser. With our tools anyone could manage, understand and control their own marketing – without the need for prior knowledge or hiring an agency.

Early-on our dedicated team realized that marketing is far too complicated for SMBs. Since then, it has been our mission to make it understandable, transparent and easy to use for anyone – whether it’s a local plumber, dentist or hairdresser.

We currently work with local partners in South America, Africa and Europe.

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