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AdBud launches Microsoft Ads!

Google dominates the market with 86% of the search engine market share. Microsoft comes in second place and with the launch of ChatGPT it’s expected that Microsoft’s market share will increase. Microsoft announced the rebranding of Bing ads by changing the name to Microsoft Advertising in 2019. Microsoft’s advertising system uses AI-powered audience targeting with a focus on customer intent. With Microsoft advertising it is easier to get traffic at a low cost resulting in a better ROI. ✨

💥 AdBud is now launching Microsoft Ads fully automated 💥
And you don’t even have to choose, if you don’t want to. When you set up a client in our software, it will automatically set up a Google and a Microsoft account so that You effortlessly can manage Your ads and optimize between the platforms! Just lean back and let the AI do the work for the best results.

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